Intro to EP

The Introduction to Emotional Permaculture was written the winter of 2009/10. Originally self-printed as a booklet, it was principally not available in digital form until today. This was due to the belief that screens have a capacity to flatten content, destroy meaning, and numb feeling. Relation is something that is enacted between beings, face to face, page to page, in a tangible way.

I cannot say that my beliefs have since changed, though they have matured into the decision that compromise need not always be a closure. Much of this web presence for Emotional Permaculture is an experiment, to see how words and their images, translation of analog into digital, affects the intake of the actual material.

As a preliminary to the actual publication of Emotional Permaculture, this Introduction is a poetic first step into many of the questions that continued to arise in the philosophical and relational process. As stated in the text, it is my gift to you.