Relation is Meditation

Let's confront the challenge of the present - its everything and its nothing.
What is the point of life, really, if not to share it? To be present, to be placed, in a body, on this earth - this is the human condition. Presence, precarious, and ceaseless exchange, are its precious possibility.
In an ecology one finds multiple self-originating beings functioning consciously or unconsciously together for the mutual benefit of all. This is the foundation of autopoiesis, an ecological mind.
Being placed upon this earth carries the obligation of being part of its ecology, and within ecologists there is always some kind of movement, some growth or contraction that follows a systemic rather than particular logic. The very productivity of an ecological system is indicated by its whole functioning - its ability to live and let live, and when it's time, die and return to the earth again.

The Philosophy of

Ecologic Relation

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