For my last happy hour with the Governor, I have to scour the cupboard for alcohol. It’s not that I’m a copious drinker, I’ve just been diligently using up the reserves for the past three months or more, and now we’re down little more than half a bottle of Aperol (no Prosecco) and a couple of very old mini bottles of Port. I go for the Port.

A port in the storm, as they say.

We weren’t even sure when he was going to come on. Would it be the semi-normal 11:30 EST? A bit later? At 11:15 it was still TBA according to CBS news, and I was in the kitchen busy filtering sediment out of my Port with a tea strainer. Then I came back and refreshed the screen, only to find out that they had started without me.

So it goes.

Like this I raise my glass to you, Governor, as I have all along the way.

The Governor of our Better Angels; the Alter Boy, the Preacher, and the loudest member of the Chorus.

I can’t express what a gift it is, that you gave us. Your time and presence, your leadership and guidance, your will and fortitude, your humor and smile, your experience and wisdom.

Incalculable merit and still a healthy dose of humility.

Now we must return to the real world, all our afternoons and evenings, extending out into their different directions. Sirens wailing and birds chirping and honking taxi drivers. People walking, talking. Smiling above their masks.

Unity. E pluribus Unum.

“Our founding promise and enduring premise.”

Ever looking toward the light of our strengths, rather than the shadow of our weaknesses. A different dream of Government. One that believes in love over hate. A different dream for life.

Here we are. 111 days of proof that Working Together Works.

It is officially midsummer, and there are ruby-colored roses in abundance in the park. They smell miraculous, like cherries. Like one could eat them. The yellow ones have their own fragrance, lighter and slightly more fresh. It is green upon green, everywhere.

Made it through hell and back. (And it’s not like it’s been some picnic)

Love does win. Our better angels are stronger than our demons. Sometimes we just need to listen harder.

New York loves everyone. That’s why I love New York.

Even if it’s a long day (and this is a long day), love wins.