This is what we must do.

We must say a prayer for our ancestors. We need to dig up and collect their bones. That is what they are crying for. We need to confront the past, recapitulate.

Then we can move on.

(In the park the ferns have grown larger, and Queen Anne’s lace is dotted around.)

Perhaps this is not a complete answer, but it is a direction. And we need not know more than that, the next necessary step, deep within and underground. Things forgotten.

You are pulling your many hearts through and I hear your steps on the asphalt, vibrating the city streets. I am there with you, me and so many other spirits, alongside your countless bodies marching in line. We tear down the statues of the past. We rewrite history. Tell the truth.

Breathe into your bones, and then, breathe from your bones. Breathe from the blood marrow.

Breathe from the marrow, out into the world.

(This woman is speaking, then shouting, then screaming, about Monopoly. About 400 rounds played for the sake of the bankers, then they burned their house down.)

A newly build chain link fence around the White House, and once again an illusion of protection from the outside, which is in actuality self imposed incarceration. Every day, more fences go up and more concrete barriers are put in place as the security perimeter expands farther and farther. The universally recognized symbol of American democracy increasingly looks like a fortress under siege in the heart of the nation’s capital, a Washington version of the Green Zone that sheltered American and Iraqi officials in Baghdad during the worst of the war. (NY Times)

Seeing as the Police Unions are immobile, a decision is suggested, if not already made, to de-fund the Police.

Meanwhile, all 57 members of the tactical unit in Buffalo, New York, have resigned from their team to object to the suspension of two colleagues who were filmed pushing a 75-year-old man to the pavement. Several officers had walked past the elderly man without attending him as he bled from his head and ear.

This is defended by various parties. The men involved are still on payroll, in a different department. They still receive health insurance, and benefits.

Just to clarify, for German and other viewers unfamiliar with US history, “The Confederacy was a bloc of slave-holding state that battled US troops in the American Civil War of the 19th century. Statues of Confederate figures erected after the war have sparked controversy in the US, many criticizing they symbolize the systemic racism in America.” (DW)

8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence

A great day for everybody.

And then some…

We didn’t flatten the curve, says the Governor, we bent it.

Iron Benders.

It’s Saturday, and the Governor has his top button undone.

Carpe diem, Seize the Day, Seize the Momentum.

Now we can take a glimpse. Where we were, and where we went.

25,000 gallons of hand sanitizer, MADE IN NEW YORK, delivered to the MTA today.

How about that for innovation?

There is no tolerance for delay in justice, btw.

Tell me what you know.
Tell me, how is that better, than what I saw?

Forget trying to make people happy, says the Governor.

That’s doesn’t work in life, or in relationships, he adds.

I find myself underlining that one.

It’s a beautiful Saturday people.
Enjoy the sun.

I will see you tomorrow.

For tonight I’m a Whiskey New Yorker, and proud of it.